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You remind me of Margaret Thatcher, who when asked about the radiation escaping the nuclear nonsense in the U.K. said that the radiation level was low, below the background radiation level. As if only the biggest amount counts and things don't all add up.
Well at least she had a set of "BALLS" and did a much better job then the current WEAK A-HOLES !!

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Sure, the Gulf spill is terrible. But how is that a reason not to worry about all the other ways we polute the waters?
There is NOTHING to worry about, Processing FILM & Photographic PAPER is 100% LEGAL in the USA... The waste water treatment plants in the USA are designed to handle this and much much more. Do you really think that KODAK and others would still be selling items that would not be able to be used in the USA.... NO !! It is not like I am pouring this crap out on the lawn in the back yard. Everything we pour down the drain goes to wast treatment plants.

What about Lawn Fertilizers ? Soap ? Every other chemicals sold in the stores ??

What we are doing is within the legal rights as a US Citizen.

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And are you saying that as soon as you PAY for something, it goes away? As in: if BP PAYS everyone who wants to be payed a huge amount of money, then the Gulf isn't polluted anymore (or it still is, but it's not a big deal anymore)?
As to "BP" they are not even paying for what they have done. The board of Directors and the CEO of BP should be terminated (euthanized) for their mass disregard for the heath of the worlds oceans and the creatures that live in or around them. "FU*K BP and your buddy's from ROYAL DUTCH SHELL as well"

As to "YOU"... You should REALLY go DIGITAL and then you can sleep good at night knowing that you are not polluting the world water supply...

BUT WAIT... I bet the WASTE and the by-product from producing digital sensors and the required hardware to "GO DIGITAL" is much worse that WASHING FILM & PAPER.

So QG... You just need to relax and stop attacking people on APUG over this issue. There is nothing you can do about this topic. GET OVER IT !!



Scott (Proud to be a "AMERICAN FILM & PAPER WASHER")