I am getting equipment together to do a documentary project. I will be photographing everything from poorly lit interiors to general urban lanscape. I will use the camera both on and off a tripod. I currently use Leica M, but want better image quality, especially when I need to use higher speed film.

My goal is to have a wide angle and wide normal setup. I am considering two options: trying to find a pair of Plaubel Makina cameras, the W67 and either 67 or 670. Or to get a Mamiya 7/7II with the 50 and 80mm lenses. My original interest in the Plaubel was due to the supposedly better build quality and compactness. The W67 seems to be difficult to find, especially at a reasonable price.

I would appreciate any experiences people have had using the Plaubel Makina W67. I've never seen one. I'm wondering how good the viewfinder is as far as accuracy and quality and how much of view the lens/bellows obstructs.