If the Color Scout takes the slotted Graflex film holders, a slotted 8-exp 2x3 Graflex rollfilm back should fit -- wouldn't make much sense otherwise. The Adapt-a-Roll 620 won't. It was made to fit like a standard sheet-film holder in the older Graphic spring-back cameras.
The Graflex-style rollfilm backs were only made with the knob wind. The later lever-wind backs were only made to fit the Graflok backs on the post-1950 Graphic cameras (or any sheet-film camera equipped with a "universal" back).
I have two knob-wind rollfilm backs, for 2x3 and 3x4 Graflex SLRs. They work fine with modern film, especially if you stop down to f/8 or smaller and advance the film just before tripping the shutter to keep the film stretched as flat as possible. I found them on the famous auction site after a few months' looking, which was well worth the trouble. Sheet film in 2x3 is hard to find and only available in a few b&w emulsions. You can cut down 4x5 film, but that's a last resort.
I've been very happy with the results from the old knob-wind rollers. Just make sure that the back has the necessary SLR Graflex slots -- it's a good idea to check with the seller to make sure.