I have cut and pasted many of the posts from here to help encourage other members of the Midwest LF Asylum to join us. I thought you might enjoy reading how they enjoyed the event. I went to their print review last winter and found them not only good photographers, but good people. You might enjoy membership in what they have to offer. http://www.dunnamphoto.com/midwestlf/index.htm

So how was the weekend? Don't forget to post images.
Frank, the founder

Made it back safe & sound from the "land of 1000 ponds." My aching & tired body tells me it was a great outing.

I left around 6 am Friday morning. At around 7:30 I called Sherman, and as it turns out, was within a couple miles of me on the road. We met at the next reststop & pulled out the walkie talkies so we could communicate when back on the road. We took a slight detour off Interstate 80 to head to Three Rivers, Michigan, where Jim Thompson had 25 prints on exhibit at the Carnegie Art Museum. Sherman, Jim & I met for breakfast and then went to the museum & saw a terrific photography show. Congratulations Jim!!! There were also a bunch of other artists on exhibit (sculpture. jewelry, acyclic, etc.), but one of Jim's prints was voted best of show.

After a quick walking tour to scout Three Rivers, Sherman & I headed to Richfield. Jim was delayed by an appointment, but joined us later in the evening. After checking into the motel, where we met up with Mike Sherk, we headed to John's house and then to an enjoyable Mexican dinner. We called it an early night as everyone was tired.

Saturday started at 6 am. Jim & I paired off & Sherman & Mike paired off. Jim & I drove to the covered bridge where we both made a number of exposures. When we finished, there was only a short time left before breakfast, so we drove to the "ledges" area of the park to scout that location. The rock forms were terrific & made a plan to return on Sunday. At breakfast our group grew a few more people. I think it was around 12 or 14 or so. Daniel Lin arrived making a showing of 5 people from the MWLFA.

After breakfast, because of the harsh light & no clouds, we went back to John's house, where we took a tour of his wonderful darkroom, played with the dogs and then settled in to view some very wonderful photographs which took up the rest of the afternoon. We met for dinner and afterward, using the inspiration from the print show, went to photograph. Jim & I ended at the sight of the underbelly of a huge interstate bridge that Sherman & Mike had discovered earlier in the day. I think there is something in our MWLFA bylaws that all members need to be attracted to bridges. We ended up returning to this bridge as the light changed. We also found a restored gas station at dusk that was interesting.

Sunday morning, after a look at the bridge again in morning light, Jim & I stopped at several historical churches & made several exposures. It was then over to the "Ledges," where we spent the rest of the morning. It was then back to John's house to meet more new friends over coffee & rolls. John & Dolly, thank you for opening up your house and arranging the outing and allowing some great people to get together and share their love of photography.

It was then time to face a 7 hour drive home. After hitting the road, I found that Jim was with 5 miles of me. We met for lunch & then decided to get off the beaten path & explore some country roads for more photo possibilities. We ended up in Archibald, Ohio where an old rusted barn caught our attention. As the rain approached, we then called it a day.

Rick Tapio

I had a great time in Ohio this past weekend. Thanks to John and Dolly for volunteering their time, effort, and home for the group. His dogs are delightful -- very expressive and friendly.

Sherman and I went first to a small waterfall on Saturday morning where we met Daniel Lin and the soft-spoken Cody. I got what I hope are a couple of excellent negative there, one of trees, the other of the waterfall. On the way to the often-mentioned Ledges area we passed a couple of highway bridges towering overhead and I had to stop at the bridge carrying I-80 over the valley. In the early morning light the bridge looked like a cathedral from underneath, and I couldn't pass it by. In fact, I was so impressed by the thing that I kept coming back to it over the course of the entire weekend! The ledges were reminiscent of Starved Rock or even a couple of spots in Shades State Park (next to Turkey Run.) Sherman found a few things of interest to him there, and I tried one which will end up being something of a guess as it was too dark and the position of the camera too awkward for me to be entirely sure of focusing: I couldn't see part of the ground glass, so I "guessed" and climbed down from my rocky perch.

There was an abandoned miniature golf course next to the hotel (between the hotel and the Dairy Queen, which was a great convenience!) and I used the 8x10 on a few items there before I left Sunday morning. I was trying to beat the thunderstorms home and did so, by about two hours. It was a great trip, lots of fun and the print viewing session was one of the best I've ever seen: there are some truly wonderful photographers in our group. The drive was exceptionally easy and all in all, it was both exciting photographically and relaxing physically: I'll be back!


Thank you all for coming. That is a long drive. Dolly and I are glad you had so much fun. We enjoyed what you added to the group. I love the new pictures. The major purpose of the event and I would guess the MWLFA is to give like minded people the chance to enjoy themselves, their Art/Hobby and the people who share that interest.

Rick, I do have a bone to pick. “Daniel Lin arrived making a showing of 5 people from the MWLFA. “ When do I reach full membership?

It is just amazing how much this park has to offer. I hope those who came and those that are interested will come again for future events. The place offers much, but it is the people who make the event. You all come.

John, Dolly and the girls