Not much. Nearly all my gear is 35mm film gear from the '70s and '80s, wouldn't be worth my while auctioning, packing and shipping; far easier to donate. Several Minolta MC/MD bodies and lenses, some FTBn and AT-1, an EF, some folders, almost worthless.

About the only items I have of any monetary value would be a 5D, 1V, 1N-RS, a pair of L zooms, and a nearly mint New F-1. Also some L primes in FD mount. Maybe $5k. EOS 3, M645 w/5 lenses, F4 w/ a pair of Nikkor zooms might fetch another grand. I might get something for three mint T90s, but not enough to pay for the heartbreak.

It might buy me an M7 and a pair of lenses, but I could never do it.