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MARK!!! YOU ARE SITTING ON A GOLD MINE! Seriously... I have dreamed of the day i discover a whole box of Dianas.

I love Dianas...
Oh crap yah! A whole boxful! I've been using Holga since...well, a long time. I'm showing my age but first ones I bought, I bought at Zone VI. Remember those guys? I got it cause I couldn't find a Diana anywhere. I got so used to placing the image where I want it with a Holga. I finally have a Diana (and 2 clones) and I find it hard to compose. I guess I need an entire year to play around with it.

My newest project with the Holga is playing around with close up lenses ductape to the front. I take my $200 Acute Matte, and put it in the back to check the focus before putting film in. I have a couple of rolls not yet processed with it.