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Hey Mike,
There are still some of us (ugh) film people out there as I am called by some of my (ICKY) digi friends.Yes I do own a digital camera but will never admit it and you can't prove anything!
I have often thought about joining the clubs but have such a busy life as it is, one more thing could only complicate things plus I live in Aurora so your club would be a little out of my way.
yea the get-to-gethers are hit or miss. I was part of the last one and there were only 5 of us. don't get me wrong, I met some great people but did hope for a bigger turn out.
Who knows,,,,, maybe I will show up with a great big 8X10 positive sheet of film and freak all them digi's in the club out!

have fun shootin'!
Hello Douglas,
Yeah, we do all lead really busy lives these days. That's the major reason I am getting out and hanging with the ECC crew. It's only once a month with sporadic shooting outtings here and there.

They are digital, true, but the vast majority are retirement age and many shot film in the past, hence my obtaining a box of darkroom gear. We'll see how they handle my first submission to their competition next month. I am still stuck between two schools of thought here: 1. emphasize the grain big time and make it obvious who shot it (and hope they can appreciate good grain) or 2. make it hard for them to recognize my film print with the finest grain possible (maybe shoot 4x5).

We'll see, I'll update this thread with what I come up with.