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Oddly the stuff that I have that I enjoy using the most is worth the least, all of that is worth maybe $100 total and that includes support gear for it.
My experience too. I don't have anything that's worth very much---a nice Rolleiflex, a 9x12 Bergheil in beautiful shape, a Contax IIIa kit, together worth a few thousand dollars, are the comparatively big-ticket items---but the main workhorses are scale-focussing MF folders and a Canon AE-1, worth next to nothing on the open market.

I wouldn't get rid of it, of course---apart from the enjoyment value, a lot of these cameras have family history. The Rolleiflex and Contax came from my dad, who seems to be gradually unloading his considerable pile of film gear onto me; the Bergheil was the snapshot camera(!) of my great-grandfather, who was a serious LF landscape guy but kept what he considered to be a small-format camera in the trunk of the car in case he came across something unexpected; the AE-1 belonged to my late father-in-law and has been documenting my wife's side of the family for something north of thirty years.

I've still got the Rolleicord that was my first "real" camera (before that I had a 110 camera when I was really little, but it's now lost to history, although my sister says she came across some of the prints recently to her considerable amusement). It's usable but needs a CLA; I'm thinking it's the camera I'll pass along to my son if he eventually takes an interest in having a good film camera of his own. We'll see what happens.