Events are coming together for the Open House. I have a gallery area with about 26 feet of display space and excellent lighting. That space will be available for guests to show their work on a rotating basis, so bring prints! I’ll have enough room in the adjacent space for my work.

The subtitle might be “The Richard Ritter Camera Extravaganza,” because we’ll have, at least, 3 Ritter 8x10s, 2 Ritter 7x17s, and whatever else Richard has lying around. We’ll have them all on tripods with lenses for folks to touch with. I’m trying to figure out a way for folks to make 8x10 exposures, too. Stay tuned, and if anyone has ideas other than resurrecting Polaroid, please pass them along.

More to come, and if anyone has other ideas, let me know.

We’ll have a Large Format basics lecture each day at 10:00, introducing those new to LF to cameras, movements, lenses and shutters, and other basic topics.

We’ll have a large format portrait demonstration at 2:00 each day.

We can have a tray development demonstration, a contact printing demo on Lodima paper, an enlarging demo for 4x5, dry mounting and mat cutting demos. What would you like to see?

I may stake out our field for some of the better pictures to be made. We’ll have directions to locations nearby to “cruise for snaps.” So feel welcome to bring your own camera – any format, even digital, and be ready to enjoy the peak color weekend in southern New Hampshire.

Most of all, come prepared to have fun.