Hi All,

I just recently got my F100, and I’ve been playing around with it without film (I’m waiting for my film to arrive). I’m not sure if there were any problems with the camera before I bought it, but I’m having a few problems with it.

After following the user manual, I’m still not able to get the camera to use the auto focus. I’ve used all three lens I have (which were tested on my friend’s dSLR, so all three of the lenses do autofocus) and as of now I’m not able to get a photo auto focused. A few days ago, when I didn’t push any of the buttons, it was able to autofocus but not anymore. Could anyone give me any suggestions as to how I should fix this?

Also, when I defocus the F100 on a white printer paper, I am able to see a few small dust specks, so I think I might have to clean the sensor. However, what’s the best way to do this? I’ve looked around, and all the instructions are for dslrs, and not for any film Nikon. It seems like if I use a small stream of air into the place where the lenses go, it should work? Would the dust specks change my photos in any way?

Is there anything I should try on my F100 to see if all of the regular camera functions work?