Greetings. I happened across the site thanks to Ailsa's pointer in the B&W Photography editorial (thanks Ailsa&#33 and thought it'd be polite to introduce myself.

My background is in computer programming and IT support. I currently run a 24/7 help desk team with an additional role in QA auditing. I started getting interested in photography about four years ago, first with a compact then (to get more control) my Dad's fully manual 35mm Pentax S1a. After a while I got the basics down but my shots were nowhere near as good as I wanted.

The problem wasn't the camera but the idiot holding it. So, I signed up for evening classes and read a lot. I've now migrated to a Nikon F80 with a few lenses and have also become addicted to wet B&W darkroom work.

Favourite subjects are..., well, diverse&#33; <g> I seem to do best with landscapes and flower macros, but sometimes surprise myself with people shots. Favourite materials are Fuji E6 for colour work (mainly Velvia) and FP4+ / Delta 400 / Delta 3200 for B&W with Ilford Multigrade WT RC.

My ambitions are to improve my skills and the quality of my work. I&#39;d like to have some shots published in a magazine (sending some in would probably be a good start&#33 and ultimately exhibit some somewhere.

Anyway, that&#39;s me. See you around in the forums sometime&#33;