The FM2N is a desirable camera. If you want to be able to have Aperture Priority automation you should consider adding an FE2 or FE to your collection. The FM3A is a very nice camera but it's also very expensive. As time goes by people should ask whether an electronic camera can be repaired or maintained in proper working order and not what inconvenience might be experienced because of a dead battery. The FA does not have the same reputation for reliability as the FE or FM series. I have an FE2 and two FEs. If I must use a Nikon mount camera with a mechanical shutter I can use one of my Nikkormats or an F2. I also have two N2020 bodies. These are primitive when it comes to AF but the cameras are nice to use with AI or AIS manual focus lenses. You get a top shutter speed of 1/2000, motorized film advance without a separate bulky winder/motor, TTL flash capability, interchangeable focusing screens, Aperture Priority automation and Program modes. It's a lot of camera for very little money. I use mine for macro work because even the standard focusing screen is clear in the center and easy to focus with.