I have a forest green Safrotto shouder bag with all the dividers for $50 including shipping in Canada and the USA.

The dimensions are 15x9.5x8, which is just as big as the Lowepro Magnum bag which retails for over $150. It's an older bag, but has metal buckles and shoulder straps, which can be attached optionally. I will admit that the magnum looks better and probably is a better bag, this will hold just as much for a fraction of the cost. It hold my Hasselblad and Pentax 6x7 system with 3 bodies and 8 lenses, plus a ton of filters, rings, film, etc.

This bag is ideal for someone who wants the same storage capacity and nearly the same quality of the Lowepro Magnum bag, but with less sex appeal. It isn't ugly, but it's not beautiful either. Forest green and black.

I don't have photos right now. But I can if absolutely necessary. But for this price, I assume it will go quick for a functionalist.