What did you end up getting? Please reconsider and get a nice stereo realist 2.8, beautiful tessar type lenses, and really sharp even at f2.8. Bulletproof shutter and camera. there is not much that can go wrong with these cameras, plus if something does you have a reliable repairman with a quick turnover time to fix it.(Dr T he also answers questions promptly by email and publishes a great user guide that also covers stereo photography and mounting questions) There are also options to convert it to 7p. I smile everytime i use mine, which is one of the last made with oversized wind and rewind buttons, love it. With some velvia it is like looking at an idealized technicolor world. With stereo photography you wont be using your rangefinder much, except for closeups, you will mostly be using hyperfocal or 8ft for indoor flash pictures, so dont worry too much about that. The stereo realist has a nice bright viewfinder which shows you exactly what will capture on film, you can add a small bubble level if you desire. It is also easy to use with external flash, i use a hotshoe to pc cord adapter and a flash bracket made by hama, on my late model there is a pc plufg on the front of the camera.