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Ian Grant: with regard to your comment on scratches, I reply: exactly!

I verified the frame sequence, and the specs appear on frames 2 and 9 (not 8 and 11). Also, I had shot frame 9 a day after frame 2 (I checked my notes). Further, the film used was Ilford Delta 400. The camera is an Olympus OM2n. The lens for frame 2 was a 50/1.8, and the lens for frame 9 was the 100/2.8.

That confirms it's the lab, there's a similar post maybe yesterday or the day before with dirty B&W negatives. The issue is usually the training and quality of the staff, and how well they treat and maintain equipment..

Doesn't Adorama or one of the other large companies now offer an Ilford service ?

We saw the quality of Ilford's own mail order B&W processing on a factory tour and it's outstanding and the work is checked for quality, and reprinted if necessary.

Find another lab, post a thread ask who's best in your part of the US.