To clear things up about the "G" lenses, someone mentioned that they have no focus ring but I recall focusing my "G" lens a time or two so I looked again.

The Nikon "G" (gelded) lensed do indeed have the ability to be focused manually, but you can not adjust aperture, if you can or want to shoot wide open you could shoot a "G" lens on an Nikon F.

A problem that arises with this is that most "G" lenses tend to be made for APS or APS size digital sensors so you get some "artistic" photos where the corners are clipped off round (that's right I can't spell vigne... whatever) because you are using a larger format than the lens was made for. It has happened to me, that is why I don't discount using this lens film combination as it can produce an interesting photo and if you want round corners this will do it without post trickery.

If you really want the lens to work as intended on your camera use the Ken Rockwell list someone else posted a link to it does work, and has all the warnings so you won't break anything, and get the most out of your lens and body combination.