The pinhole thing has a lot to do with acid stops, but this can happen with any film. A water stop is fine if you allow for it in your process. Granted, the emulsion is soft, but technique can be the sole variable to avoid problems in this area. Try tube development and you won't get scratches or any development problems.

I don't know of a finer film than Efke 25 for building contrast and a crisp tonal scale, which can be tailored to any process you like to use. Once development times are tamed, you'll be amazed at the image quality possible with this film. As long as you're not in a hurry for quick shutter speeds, there is a lot going for this choice of film.

Efke 100 is still the winner for pushing, pulling, expanding, compressing and general torture of a film to fit nearly any situation out there. I'm surprised PETF (People for the ethical treatment of films) hasn't set up a picket line around the factory to protest what some people have done with this stuff.