Interesting discussion!!!

For ME ... I have given up the quest for "mastery" - of anything - a long time ago. I can't define, nor can I come up with any sort of concept of "mastery". After 10,000 images, or 100,000 - or ten - does some deity materialize out of thin air and write "Master of ..." on your forehead? Or do you experience some sort of mystical epiphany where a loud voice speaks the word "Master" to you?

Even if all this does happen - so what? Will you then be transferred into some sort of infallable... (searching here - I don't now of any beings on this earthly plane that are infallable).

I've been at this for a while. I honestly do not consider myself anywhere nearer to "mastery" than when I started ... and (brace yourselves...) I not only do not care, but I think additional effort to that end only saps my energy - energy that can be exerted in finding the areas and circumstances where "seeing" will be effortless and - more or less - automatic.

I remember one of the most informed people I've ever met - the Instructor in Psyche 101 - considered by his peers to be at the top of the pyramid - "I've been studying Psychology for more than thirty years. Recently I've begun to realize how little I know."

I DO photography. Every once in a while, I get a good one. There are enough of the good ones to make the entire effort worthwhile - more than enough.