Hello, after long consideration I decided to sell my gray R3A and a Jupiter J3 and original Leitz LTM-to-M adapter. I somehow did not "warm up" to the camera so I guess I will try something different. I consider getting a Contax T3 or Contax G2 in the near future.

Be sure to check MORE and BIGGER http://www.flickr.com/photos/3100723...th/4818961916/ images on my flickr.

Should you have ANY questions just ask. if they are related to the camera or lens just post the to the thread.

So, the description and prices:

Bessa R3A:

- the camera is in very nice condition - I would rate it 9/10. There are no scratches or dings. Viewfinder is clean. Rangefinder is aligned, the shutter works correctly.

What is Included:
- Voigtlaender Bessa R3A - grey
- original paper box
- printed user manual
- one 3rd party LTM-to-M adapter. Please note - it is sightly thinner than it should be, so I would only use it with wide angle lenses. It did cause slightly incorect focuing with 50mm lens below f/4. Just consider it a freebee.

Price: 400 Euro, reasonable offers will be considered.
Payment: PayPal (3% fees), Wire transfer.

- within EU 21 Euro (DHL, insured up to 500 euro), within Germany 7 Euro (insured)
- rest of the world - please ask


Jupiter J3 50mm f/1.5

Sample impages please see HERE: http://www.flickr.com/search/?w=31007239@N06&q=jupiter 50mm&m=text

- in a good user condition - its age shows on the barrel, but the glass is good. I do not see any marks - only if I shine it through the lens from behind (only tried that yesterday) than you will see fine scratches on the front element, but it is really minor.
- The aperture is smooth, symmetrical and clean - no oil or dirt.
- IMPORTANT: - this lens was adjusted by Brian himself (yes - I did ship the lens to US and back, Brian uses M8 to check the lenses) so now it focuses correctly both in close distance and infinity
- the filter thread is a bit used, but filter or screw-in lens hood can be attached.
- oh, one more point: the f/stop mark (little dot) has a slight offset after the adjustments. It did not bother me - it is anyhow a very faint mark (makes about 1/2 stop @ f/4), just to let you know. See the images of the lens to see what I mean.

What is included:
- Jupiter J3 50/1.5, filter thread 40.5mm
- original plastic case
- original metal lens cap - does not hold too well after all those years.
- original lens hood - push-on style. Does not hold too well either and it is rather bulky, but that is why I bought a ...
- 40.5mm metal screw-in lens hood. Actually make the very slight vignetting, but not black corners.
- plastic lens cap that attaches on the lens hood

Price: 100 Euro, reasonable offers will be considered.
Shipping: - as the R3A above (or a bit less as one could consider to skip the insurance).


Leitz LTM to M adapter:

- original
- brings up 90mm frame lines on Leica M bodies
- in good condition - works 100% and attaches firmly to R3A body - no play.

Price: [=B]30 Euro[/B] ([B]20[.B] if purchased together with the Jupiter 3 or R3A)
Shipping: as a letter, so just a few Euro. Not insured.


So - any questions - just ask. General questions please via this thread, pricing or shipping via PM.