Still on sched. It is likely APUG will be down for 1-3 days as this is a complete rebuild and implementing all of the work done in development will take time. There are also a few things we can't recode until we're upgraded so there will be downtime while this is done as well. It's looking like This coming Thurs or Friday APUG will be shut down. I'll have the site redirect to a status page and chatroom while we are down. For those interested the schedule will be along the lines of:

-site taken down, temporary upgrade status page & chatroom put up.
-full backups taken on server, backups downloaded to my local machine, extracted and verified
-core system upgrades (vbulletin, gallery software, search engine optimization, chatroom, portfolios, link system, video directory, blogs, article system, style templating)
-take backup of core upgraded site
-site testing, identify and correct any bugs
-add/update additional plugins
-1 to 2 days of final cleanup, coding and tweaking
-re-open the site