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Just received a couple of the Digibase C41 midi kits from Freestyle.
I am quite surpriced to see that there is no stop and washing mentioned in the processing sequence, that must be a mistake or is it not?
Previously i have used the Tetenal C41 kit which require washing before the stabiizer and a stop is also recomended.
Anyone here willing to coment on this?
Lack of stop bath is not odd, but lack of wash is. Referring to Kodak's Z-131 publication (I believe the 3rd PDF is most appropriate for small-tank use in home darkrooms), the Kodak C-41 process is normally:

  1. Developer: 3:15
  2. Bleach III: 6:30
  3. Wash: 3:15
  4. Fixer: 6:30
  5. Wash: 3:15
  6. Stabilizer III: 1:30
  7. Dry: As needed

In another thread, PE explained that the bleach is acidic enough to serve as a stop bath, so no separate stop is necessary. (RA-4 blix, used in print-making, is apparently much less acidic. I'm not sure about the blixes used in C-41 kits that use blix.) FWIW, I use a pre-soak prior to the developer step in order to bring the film temperature up to 100F.

Also, there are variants on many of these chemicals from Kodak, such as final rinse rather than stabilizer. (Stabilizer is needed for older films, but either works fine with newer films from Kodak and Fuji.)

If the washes were omitted, the bleach would contaminate the fixer. This might not be a big problem if you used it one-shot. IIRC, the instructions for Kodak's single-use E-6 kit don't include a wash between the bleach and the fixer, but this is a single-use kit. I don't know how much of a problem it would be if you were to re-use the fixer; it would effectively turn the fixer into a weak blix. Certainly omitting the wash after the fixer step would leave fixer in the film, and that couldn't be good.