I've been lusting after quite a few items to feed my photographic addiction with. I, however, can probably only afford one of my options at this point. I was wondering what you guys think would be most beneficial to me?

Case 1:
Add to my Bronica SQ-A system with a 110 f/4.5 for portraits. - $300

Case 2:
Buy a Soligor Zone VI modified light meter so I can begin using contraction and expansion techniques with my current kits. - $130

Case 3:
Aquire a 6x9 folder, allowing me to play with the golden ratio in MF and aiding me in my lightweight photography expaditions. - $150-250*

*probably add $40 for a cheap reflected light meter

Case 4:
Get an S-18 extension tube for my SQ-A to allow me close ups for portraits and a 65 or 50 lens to help with some of my rural landscapes. - $225-$300

Case 5:
Save a little more money to the point where I can get a 4x5 field camera that would allow me to experiment with LF's lack of grain, which I do like a quite a bit. - $500

Case 6:
Suggestions? - $?

I need some advice from people with expirience, so I came here