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While I totally agree with you that workshops aren't the way to become a professional photographer, I think the above language is a little harsh and probably came out differently than you intended.

I have never been to a workshop, and having a busy family to take care of, I am sure I never shall. I certainly wouldn't be qualified to teach one. However, for those of us who spent college learning something other than photography, it seems like a great idea. You get hands-on instruction, an uninterrupted time to photograph and print, and contact with other students interested in the same thing.

nope, chris is right. i'm sure it came out exactly as he intended.
if you didn't take photo in college, there are limitless ways to learn a variety of techniques. any self-respecting teaching program doesn't call themselves a 'workshop', because workshops have now become synonymous with scam. "Pay me $5000 to accompany me to Iceland! Does not include airfare, accommodation, or expenses! In fact, includes absolutely nothing!"