Curt, there are expensive workshops that are no more than glorified photo holidays with some tuition thrown in. One of my neighbours here in Turkey runs them, I wouldn't recommend her to anyone.

I've been on excellent fairly priced workshops but others are grossly over priced despite the main featured tutors/photographers being the same, it's the organisers who are overly commercial & greedy.

To the OP:

Personally I wouldn't recommend a week long workshop, it's to much, a 3/4 day one is intense enough if well run. In weighing up the costs you need to set against them the probably significant wastage in materials learning via books, and trials & failures as well as the time you'll save climbing the learning curve.

As good workshops usually incorporate portfolio critique session, which are extremely valuable, give yourself time - maybe 6 months/a year before scheduling another, that way you have time to shoot new work taking on board what you learnt at the first one so taht your portfoliio has progressed by the second workshop,

Presentation & discussion of your own work at a workshop is invaluable, it's the feedback of other participants as well as the tutors that's key, it's like an interrogation, but lively and free thinking. The one question you'll repeatedly get asked about your images is "What are you trying to say".