I just posted the question you need to ask yourself "What are you trying to say" with your images. (Previous post)

Think themes/projects look at what else interests you mix/match the two.


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Lately, I've been asking myself a lot of questions about things like, "where is my photography going?", and "Is there some fundamental thing I'm missing here?" and I'm sure a lot of other questions most photographers (with the possible exception those who are already Professional Fine Art Photographers) ask themselves from time to time. I guess it would help me quite a bit to get involved with other local photographers and like minded people interested in traditional photography for some dialogue and some sharing and some exchange of ideas. With the aim toward growing as a photographer. I'm beginning to think that at some point, one cannot grow further without this kind of contact. (I'm sorta reclusive and don't show my work much, so I suppose some of what I'm saying here is painfully obvious anyway).

The point is, it would be worth quite a bit to me to spend some time with others doing similar work to my own and I can't think why a workshop wouldn't be a great venue for this. Sure, my wife says things like "I like it", or "It's too dark" about my prints, but there comes a time when one might could use a little more than that in the way of constructive criticism. And all that before even considering what one stands to learn from the course or workshop. Oh, and as some others here have already stated, some quiet time, focused and without interruption, doing what one loves to do. Yes, choose carefully and get some advice from those who've gone before, but maybe not dismiss outright as scams or playtime for the rich. I'm open to the idea. I might even be able to sell a print or two as the result of the contacts and exposure.