Workshops are very important for the photographs I make as a photographer. The workshops that helped me get going were those taught by Monte Zucker. He became my coach, mentor & friend. Don't you think you need a coach to help you along the way? Someone who sees the world like you do and can help you get better with your art?

I've had also the good fortune of taking workshops with Ken Sklute, Doug Box and Hanson Fong. They are all very valuable. I learn from every workshop I take. I've met photographers from some of them who are now my friends. Check out Rick DeLorme from Michigan. I've helped him at gigs and he did my daughters wedding in Malibu California.

I'm also involved with our local PPA organization and we put on about 9 workshops each year that at held at our monthly meetings. We average 150 plus people at each meeting.

I also subscribe to many magazines, photography as well as Vogue, Vanity Fair and a few others. I desire to know about people, what they wear, makeup, clothing, posing, lighting, what's in style. I use that information along with what Monte Zucker taught me to make photographs. People like what I do. I get almost all my business by referral.