No one was trying to flame you. We're telling you the truth. I don't teach workshops. I offer private one on one instruction for those looking to learn something specific, and it is not a big moneymaker for me. I have maybe 2 people a year hire me to do that. My income comes from selling my prints, licensing photos as stock, and doing a little commercial work that includes graphic design as well as photography. I do all those different things because IT IS HARD TO MAKE A LIVING JUST DOUNG PHOTOGRAPHY EVEN FOR THE BEST OF US.

Bill Clark talked in his posts about the benefits he got from workshops with Monte Zucker. Zuzker was a wedding and portrait photographer (he died a few yrs ago), and if you want to do weddings and portraits then a workshop with someone like Zucker might be worth it if the instructor is a good teacher (not all great photographers are). Wedding and portrait work is marketed to consumers and is the only type of photography with mass appeal. What I mean is that EVERYONE hires portrait photographers and most people go to them multiple times to photograph children, etc. as they age. Most people hire a photographer when they marry. Because its a mass marketed form of photography, there are trends that emerge and die and are replaced by new trends and workshops are a good way to keep up with whats hot in the industry.

I presume, however, that you, the OP, are not a wedding/portrait photographer but an aspiring artist. The game is far different in my field, fine art. It is VERY hard to get established and make a living. I have been HOMELESS...more than once....because I could not earn a living when i was younger and could not find a 'real job' either because of the economy where I live. Ask yourself if you can afford to not eat for days at a time, or to lose your home. You said you declared bankruptcy. The last thing you need is to waste money on a dream that is nearly unattainable. Fine art photography is fine for young men like me who were willing/able to literally starve, or for the wealthy. If you have middle class pretensions or kids to support...concentrate on working a real job or go into wedding photography.