I have the "wide" model, but otherwise they're pretty much the same. One thing to avoid is letting the front standard slam in and out. It's tempting to press the release button and let the weight of the lens unit snap the bellows open, but I've been told that stresses the fine wiring that runs through the struts to the shutter (connecting to the metering system). Always set the lens at infinity before collapsing the lens, and never let it just flop back into the camera body. Always easy out, easy back in. Also, I've found the battery compartment can be a bit tricky to get the button batteries in properly, and I'm always concerned that I'm going to rip the plastic battery cover/flap off, so caution there. Otherwise, I've found mine to be an outstanding travel camera, and the meter is accurate (though in general I do prefer incident metering). I'm sure you'll enjoy your camera!