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I don't see it quite the way Chris does, and it's hard to understand knowing that he offers workshops himself. Anyway, not going to workshops might be right for him, but different people learn differently. Some have no trouble with learning from books, others need hands-on experimentation combined with peace and quite to learn it all themselves, but many benefit from face-to-face group efforts with instructions as in workshops.

There is no one-way-fits-all when it comes to learning.

For people without a formal education in photography, workshops are a good alternative to books and instructional videos. I don't mind a penny I've spend on workshops, but one has to be selective, because there are some bad ones out there too. The best way is to talk to people who have already taken the workshop and ask them what they got out of it.
I agree with Ralph. Neither undergraduate nor grad school taught me much about producing art and photographs that I hadn't learned on my own. The less practical education of those schools was more valuable. Others may benefit more from the structured teaching of schools and workshops. Now, 57 years after buying my first Leica, I'm still learning from this and a few other forums. That's a real bargain. I sell photographs at a local arts & crafts show and occasionally in other places. Without a lot of hard work and good promotion it's no way to make a living in most locales, but I can still enjoy it.