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I wouldn't recommend the copy-cat school.

You get, perhaps not quicker, but more direct to where you want to be if you ponder for as long as it takes what it is you want to do using photography. And why photography?
Keep exploring, yes. But explore that, before even thinking about using a camera, i'd say.

Trying to find out what that something important is is much better than waiting for the moment you stumble across it while doing what not you, but other people do/did/have done.
Back in the 80's I went on a workshop with Paul Hill at Duckspool,.

A rather wealthy photographer (heir to the family fortune, had never worked) showed an immaculate portfolio, the pints were fantastic quality & composition except there was nothing of him in the images. He'd done one Ansel Adams style, another Cartier Bresson and so on, he was torn to shteds.

Photography (or any art form) is all about achieving your own personal style.