Hi everybody,

i recently posted in WTB classified looking for a 8x10 arca swiss rear body and i have been contacted last friday by a certain Chris Corner (cc25corner@gmail) asking if i still was looking for it, which i was... mentioning he lives in London, including phone number etc... and of course western union payment! I sent a reply on which i did not receive any answer and decided to call this person. Mr Corner (sounded Asian with a strong accent when talking english) answered asking me to put my wish list on a mail to him, which i did and you will find below his two replies. Now, i would not pay anything yet as i strongly feel the fraud but, could be mistaken... If somebody would know this person, please advise otherwise beware! I don't know about you but i am getting more and more mails with those kind of swindles!!! really upseting!

Thanks for your email...I have all the item you mention and in great condition..They look very clean and there is no dent or scratch on it....I will be asking 300GBP including shipping and insurance to your doorstep...My mode of payment is via western union money transfer..As soon as payment is receive,I will package and i will ship and i will forward you the shipping tracking details...

For payment,you are to locate any western union office or go to www.westernunion.com and click on send money online,then enter my name and address below and the money will be transfer to me

Receiver Name.Chris Corner

Address.22 STANEDGE GROVE Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 5PL England

As soon as payment is transfer,you are to forward me the following details below

Sender Name


Mtcn Number

Exact money sent

As soon as i get this information,i will package and i will ship and i will forward you the shipping tracking details thanks and is nice doing business with you

Thanks for your phone call....Your english is really perfect..I am so surprise that you are from France..because you speak english very well..I don't have a camera and scanner that is why i did not send you pictures of the complete Arca swiss 8x10..I have the complete Thanks for your phone call...if you can confirm by email the list of parts you want and i will get back to you with my asking price and also forward me your home address for shipping figuration thanks and hope to hear from you soon