I agree Leighgion, a negative is not the final image. I did scan the images to see what a final image would look like after I developed them. The exposure isn't way off and I'm sure I can learn to work with it but it's a new system to me so I was hoping I missing a setting somewhere that would help me out. The frames are certainly acceptable though and the slight mis-exposure is nothing serious. It's something I wouldn't have thought twice about on 35mm.

I'll be shooting just print film this summer as I learn the system and start to dial in and finesse exposure settings. Now that I think about it, my Nikon FE's only work in full stops as well. I guess I've just never stopped to really perfect exposure on that camera, though I do shoot slide film. Mountains from mole hills in my mind.

I feel like committing an image to a big(ger) frame of medium format film is of greater significance somehow than on 35mm. Once I get a few more rolls shot and developed I'll be able to be more relaxed about it.

Jon, I did some Googling on Charles Cramer. Thx for that! I think I'm even more torn now then I was to begin with though! Maybe I'll just hold off a few months and see how things go.

As always, you've all be very helpful! Thank you!