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I'll be shooting just print film this summer as I learn the system and start to dial in and finesse exposure settings. Now that I think about it, my Nikon FE's only work in full stops as well. I guess I've just never stopped to really perfect exposure on that camera, though I do shoot slide film. Mountains from mole hills in my mind.

I feel like committing an image to a big(ger) frame of medium format film is of greater significance somehow than on 35mm. Once I get a few more rolls shot and developed I'll be able to be more relaxed about it.
I ran around shooting Kodachrome 64 on my FE2 and letting the meter do all the work. They look great. Only a couple cases where backlighting was a bit of an issue, but it'd be a problem no matter what I was shooting.

It's good to care, but at a certain point you also have to care less or you just don't move forward. "Perfect" exposure is really something you choose, not something you find.