I have a C330s with a 180, 80 and 55 mm lenses. The 55 is the widest made for the C330 series, a fine lens. Graham Patterson's website has everything you want to know about the Mamiya TLRs:
There is also a manual online specifically for the C330s:
Because of the bellows the C330 series is capable of close-ups without attachments. A handy doodad for those is the Mamiya Paramender, which when placed on a tripod (which you want to use anyway for close-ups) raises the taking lens to the exact position of the viewing lens, allowing precise framing. Paramenders can be found with a little looking.
For me the 55-80-180 combination is just right. The C330 series has a few peculiarities which are hard to explain but easy to find in the manuals. I think you'll enjoy the camera. I've been using one for years with fine results.