Hi lilmsmaggie -

I agree with what RalphLambrecht said. I started teaching BTZS (Beyond the Zone System) and Introduction to the View Camera workshops with Phil Davis back in 1995. The students were all serious photographers who wanted to improve their craft. They were from all different professions and photography was their passion. I now do mostly private workshops and most photographers come to my workshops because they are not happy with the quality negatives. My first private workshop happened when I got a call asking when the next BTZS workshop was and it was a few months away. The photographers was not happy with the quality of her negatives and she said I can't wait that long and she came out a few weeks later. Basically as Oliver Gagliani said about his workshops is that he could share his knowledge gained by trial and error over many years with his students to speed up their learning.

I find that learning BTZS can be a bit hard but some students do well when shown step 1, step 2 and the rest of the steps and then they understand what you are trying to teach. I saw that early on working with Phil Davis and the reward was when you saw the student start to understand what you were teaching - that was the reward for the teacher. I'm with Oliver Gagliani - it is very gratifying to be able to share your knowledge with your students.

Fred Newman