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... I love shooting film with a completely manual camera. I think it was Mike Johnston (and I'm sure many others) has said: It has everything I need and nothing I don't to make pictures.
This is what I'm looking for, anyway... a well-designed and engineered walk-about 35mm film camera.. quick to meter and focus, unobtrusive, with no bells and whistles. Eventually, something my kids will inherit. I didn't mean to be vague in my question, nor start a ruckus as to which model is preferred over another.

Much thanks, Exeter, for your rationale. And, all, for your replies. I would like a in-camera meter, yes, as I don't want to approximate exposure (as another poster states). I'm not looking to buy, this instant, but am soliciting some preferences based on others' experiences, in order to start thinking about research and what to try out.

I'm also using a 4x5 for natural light portraiture.

Thanks, again.