Well this, if not interesting, then at least entertaining string seems sure to be IXnay'd by the ostensible APUG moderators before too long, what with all the crapshooting and all.

Before it does, and for what it's worth, I think Mr. Grant, by degrees, was attempting to get Mr. Crawford to consider the possibility that some of his "advice" to the OP could easily have been misconstrued as not much more than a series of negative, condescending remarks about whatever anyone who ISN'T a "Professional Fine Art Photographer" had to say on the idea of getting some recognition and possibly some remuneration for one's hard work.

Since Mr. Crawford, who is apparently unable to tolerate any sort of criticism himself (since he has, after all, already attained the status of PFFA and is therefore beyond reproach - kinda like tenure) and since Mr. Grant was unable to get his point, or more aptly his admonition, across to Mr. Crawford to TONE IT DOWN A LITTLE and subsequently calling him to the carpet (for which I can hardly blame him) to put his money where is mouth is, this string, or at least this component of it, has degenerated into not much more than a schoolyard name calling contest; not to mention inciting my own propensity to engage in run-on sentences and soap-box opining about the entire state of things as they have become in this formerly somewhat civil and engaging discussion.

I'm going to my darkroom now to catch up on some work....