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Hi YOP92270 - Always pay with your credit card, then you can call the credit card company and say that you never received the product. A customer called me up about getting 20x24 HP5+ film and he told me what happened to him. He had ordered 20x24 film from someone in Europe saying he could get him 20x24 film form China. He wired about $2000. He never got his film or his money back.

Fred Newman
It's important to note that a Visa debit card is *NOT* considered a credit card, at least not so under US law. I don't know much about the laws outside the US.

I had a wallet stolen last year, and a wonderfully helpful bank employee gave the the details about all kinds of ways fraud can/cannot happen or be prevented. The official "credit card" is the ticket to limiting fraud liability in untrustworthy transactions.

(Although everything I've ever bought from Fred seemed to come from eBay and get paid by Paypal. But Fred's not a fraudster!)