I too received an unsolicited email from Chris Corner, but was very suspicious. I did a quick web search of his email address and found that he had been trying to scam people on other forums. I thought about phoning him collect (reversing the charges) and telling him off. It is a UK number, but probably a cell/mobile. He could be using it from anywhere in the world...


Here's the text of his email to me. Not the kind of grammar/spelling you would expect from a Brit!

Hi Dear

My name is Chris Corner from London...I am contacting you regarding your advert you place on website that you are looking for the above subject...I have it in very good condition and if still interested,Let me know and i will forward you details of the item and i will also need your shipping address and telephone number to calculate the shipping cost to your destination.My mode of payment is Via Paypal,Western union,MoneyGram..Bank wire transfer..Let me know which method you prefer and i ship the next day after payment has been receive..My phone number is +447024029617..Feel free to call me anytime for further discussion or email me back thanks and hope to hear from you soon.