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NO theme this time?

I thought you said I could shoot both cameras.

tim sometimes in san jose
We can decide on a theme once we have a full compliment of participants.. however I get the feeling that volunteers will be slower off the mark with the length of time it's taken/taking camera 6 to get it's butt home..

We just have to co-ordinate your time in Germany vs your time in San Jose to get you to shoot both.. in fact if we keep moving you around... there may be no need for any more participants!

Lisa.. You so won't!

List so far:
The US and Canada
1. K_Jupiter (in San Jose)
2. TheBanana
3. Lmn
4. John_Nikon_F

Europe and the Rest of the World
1. Síle
2. Mooseontheloose
3. K_Jupiter (in Aachen)