I had a slight issue with my KO today. While walking around, one of the screws that holds the handgrip plate to the camera came out! (Yikes, as I was exactly half way through a roll! With any luck I didn't lose too many shots, as the screw hole goes straight through into the film chamber. Here's hoping that the backing paper of the 120 film has saved most of the shots).

Anyhow, I have looked at the offending part and it appears that the screw has lost the first few threads. The female thread in the camera looks to be in good condition, so hopefully I won't need to tap it out.

Anyhow, I have quickly measured the diameter of the screw and it came out to around 3.5mm, which to me suggests it would be a M3.5 x 0.6 thread. I just wanted to check (considering this was designed in the US but made in Japan) that by some chance I am not dealing with a UNC screw or some other imperial thread.

Can anyone confirm for me?