Ok, so I decided that I was going to keep the cut film holders and try to use them so that meant that I needed more holders cause in my mind you just do. Back to fleapay to search for someone selling just the holders at a good price and that's what I found. Two holders and a "regular" back that will take the pistol grip/tripod adapter that I already have. Well, when I got the mail the other day and opened the box, what should I discover but that the back is actually the much sought after cut film AND roll film back with the pressure plate, cool. Upon closer inspection I found that the pressure plate is broken. There are two flat pieces that are the actual springs that maintain the plate at a certain distance and four tabs that are "glued" to the pressure plate that are supposed to hold the springs. Two of the tabs are unglued and the springs appear to be broken off of the tabs. I have no idea if there are more pices that are missing because the PP has two holes in it as if it came off of a regular back but there are no wear marks in them just as there doesn't appear to be any indication that film has been run past it. There is however wear on the backside of the PP where it looks like the springs have moved back and forth over it. I have not been able to find any information on this back even on the Rollei sites, nothing but rumor, conjecture and innuendo. This is where I could use the collective resources of APUG, any info would be great.