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I dont know if this is right forum .
But I want to write for the people who have not read my previous posts.
I asked couple of questions to Eastman House and They directed me to

Nancy Martin

The John M. and Barbara Keil University Archivist and Rochester Collections Librarian

Department of Rare Books and Special Collections

Rush Rhees Library

University of Rochester

Rochester, NY 14627-0055


She is responsible of some of earliest archive papers of Kodak.

I finally reached a technology which I had no idea but may be interested the people about dyeing an slide BW film. It is for 2 color process.

You need to do For both colors the original silver image was bleached with a rehalogenating bleach, and then replaced stoichometrically with another metal compound


All the standard photographic texts will have formulas for all sorts of bleaches. So will the pamphlets of photochemical manufacturers. Dichromate bleaches with added chloride or bromide will rehalogenate image silver.

The interest in final images composed of platinum, palladium, and other metals was of great interest for artistic paper prints in the albumen paper era, late 1800s, and the old formulas are all gathered in Towler's The Silver Sunbeam.

Now the question :

Is there a technique to replace film silver with platin , palladium or gold .
And also smaller sized metals than the film silver ?

Is it tried for film and can there be a advantage ?

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Mustafa Umut Sarac