Knob, Single-throw or Multiple-throw?
Maybe it's the way I shot when I was growing up, but I just don't get a sense of closure when shooting with my Canon EOS -- No satisfying thumb throw after each shot. Myself, I just can't see shooting with a 35 that has a knob to advance the film. Ideally, I'd like a single-throw lever. I guess that limts the field quite a bit.

Don't rule out a Leica IIIf or IIIg with an Abrahamsson rapidwinder attached to it. (www.rapidwinder.com) It makes the knob wind leicas as fast or faster than a lever wind M version. IIIf's are generally cheap and there are a whole lot of interesting lenses out there for the screwmount leicas. And as far as resolving power goes, most lenses will converge in quality at about f/8. If you shoot mostly in daylight, I wouldn't sweat the lens choice too much.