I've not had any luck finding any detent on the aperture ring for any of the lenses between full stops. I seem to be able to put the ring between stops but I don't sense any 1/3 or 1/2 stop increments. Seems solid enough if I really feel like I need to make a small tweak to an exposure but I think I'll be happier if I just relax and learn to work with the system. Thanks for helping me get my feet back on the ground!

Sadly, the 35mm lens I bought doesn't seem to be working properly. I can't select F/22 on the ring, it stops at F/16 and won't turn any farther. Also, no matter what I do I can't get the lens to actually stop down as I can with all the others. The aperture blades just never start to close down. I'm going to need to send it back, or else shoot nothing but F/3.5 I'm easily able to see the other lenses stop down in several different ways so I'm pretty confident the lens is faulty and not the operator. Gives me excuse enough to switch to the 45mm though so I suppose it's a blessing in disguise. The 35mm is certainly wide enough to qualify as a special purpose lens, at least in my eyes.

You have all be extremely helpful. I have rather a glut of lenses right now and after a few hikes I'm sure I'll quickly sort out which lenses make it out of the bag and which don't. The less weight I have to carry the better in the long run and it sounds like many of you have only one or two lenses that see any sort of regular use as well. Thank you!