Well... it looks like the R(b)est of the World is winning already..

The list so far:
The US and Canada
1. K_Jupiter (in San Jose)
2. TheBanana
3. Lmn
4. John_Nikon_F

Europe and the Rest of the World
1. Síle
2. Mooseontheloose
3. K_Jupiter (in Aachen)
4. Steve Smith
5. Erik_Prestmo
6. Tony Egan
7. Pcyco
8. Black Dog

Erik the photo's of Camera 5 (camera 6 is still in transit!) can be found here http://www.apug.org/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=511

Lisa and Rachelle I will gladly provide the whips if you ladies can do the cracking? I think if we're all over this like a cheap suit - we might just get it home soon!