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I highly recommend a Leica. If there's any way you could get one you will own it for life and never regret buying it.
I own two rangefinders, but have never owned a Leica. I have a an Oly 35RD and a Mamiya 6MF. I've been reading all this Leica lust, not believing anything could be *that* much better than either my lowly 35RD or my "texas leica".

This week I happened to stop at the Leica counter at my local camera emporium (Keeble and Schuchat in Palo Alto, CA). I asked to play with the nice new Leica behind the counter.

Oh my God, when I pressed the shutter, it was like... like... like how I imagined Luke Skywalker felt when tempted by the dark side of the force. So seductive, so, so, right...

I never walked out of the a camera store so quickly in my life! Two more seconds and I'd have been in deep, deep trouble! :-)