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I've been thinking of Wed the 28th in my posts. I have a new (used) camera that needs to be shot, so I'll be down there regardless. Hope you can make it Ed, and sorry you can't Douglas. I have a feeling there may be more than one of these, so I wouldn't worry too much about missing.

Just to make sure we're on tomorrow, let's have a roll call...
Yes, we are talking about the 28th (today)! I will be there as well and am looking forward to it!

So, the details:
When: 6:30PM - ???
Where: We will meet at the parking lot north of Littleton Blvd near Ned Kelly's Irish Pub on S Rio Grande St. See the Google map Here. We'll park as close to Littleton Blvd as possible.

Doug, sorry you can't make it. We will do it again, so no worries!
Ed, hope to see you there! If not, shoot for next time!
Mike - Look forward to meeting you!