We had 6 people on the trip. Scott Hamming, Mark Craig and I represented the Apug contingent and we had Catherine Costolo and Josh Earhart as well as my wife Dale from the Southeastern Photo Society making up the rest. We were all shooting LF except Scott (MF rangefinder)and Josh was shooting both LF and MF. The weather was perfect. The only unplanned problem was the gravel road up the mountain. It had suffered from the heavy rains recently and was very rough in places. I got 5 8x10 shots and later shot several HIE infrared shots off the brow of the mountain where the hanglider launch was at. We ran into Allen Padgett there, the previous ranger for that area, now retired, and longtime caver and co-auther of the latest bible on vertical rope technique, "On Rope". He was accompanied by his wife and two other friends. We had a good chat and learned quite a bit about some history of the mountain.