I'm new to Darkroom work but want to learn. I love photography, and had some very limited experience with a darkroom in Art School 12 years ago. I shoot 35mm at the moment (Nikon FM2n and FE2) and eventually will get a medium format.

I was fortunate to find locally a gentleman who was selling his equipment. I got everything I need and more - two enlargers, easels, trays, development tanks, random equipment, darkroom books, timer, red light, thermometer, etc.

The two enlargers in question are;

1. Omega B-600 with a 50mm F3.5
2. Rollei Nikor System 6X7 with a 50mm F4

I would like to keep only one. If anyone has any recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it. I will focus on B&W. At the moment I'm developing negatives myself.

Which one is a "better" enlarger? Also, when things break down, which one has more replacement parts? The B-600 seems to be a "newer" model.